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The Gift of Motherhood

your personal journey through prepared childbirth


Dianne E. Moran, RN, LCCE, ICD • G. Byron Kallam, MD, FACOG This book is dedicated to expectant mothers, fathers and to all who support them.


The birth of your baby is one of the most exciting events in your life and a moment that you will cherish and remember always. You will relate your birth experience with friends, family and even your child as he or she begins their family. Your journey will be filled with excitement, joy and an element of fear of the unknown. The purpose of this book is to help you understand the process of labor and birth and to answer questions about the birth of your child. The more knowledge you have of the process of birth, the more likely you will approach your personal journey with confidence and a positive perspective.

Special thanks to the many people all over the country who helped with suggestions, advice and support. Without their expertise and guidance, The Gift of Motherhood, your personal journey through prepared childbirth could not have been achieved in an accurate and complete way.

Susan Stelzer RN, BSN, IBCLC Maria Hilda Piñon, RN, MS, LCCE, CBE Linda Lindquist, RN, CLC Mimi Smith, ICCE, ICD, IBCLC Claudia Hoelzen, RN, LCCE Linda Barker, RN, CES Renate Abstoss, IBCLC Gretchen Chapman, RN, MSN, FACCE Peggy DeZinno, RN, BSN, CCE Sally Wodicka, RN, IBCLC Mona Tamayo, LVN, ICCE Marguerite Truesdale, RN, BS, CCE Kathy Thorp, BSN, ICCE, IBCLC Pat Koehle, RN, BA, ICCE John B. Anderson, MD, FACOG Donna Bisbee, RN, BSN, IBCLC Marcy Leslie, RN Sean, Ashley and Rhea Moran

Thank you to the many people and organizations that participated in the production of this publication. Their willingness to share their personal experiences with us is beyond what words can express.

Myra McElheney, RN, ICCE Ardith Davis, Director of Maternal Child Health

Christa Moore, Public Relations Paula Minning, RN Christina Rust, BNC, BSN Candy Hochstrasser, RN, BSN, IBCLC Jodie and Nicholas Michael Walsh Don, Tracy, Ben and Trisha Schlensker Marsha, Bronson and Uriah Xavier Gentry Stephanie and Abby Campise Brian, Kristen and Carter Perrico Anthony, Shalyn and Alyani DiNofa Michelle Warren and Vincent Reeves Amber Lyons and Bryce Salazar Mandy, Matt and Dylan Forbus Trianna Hunter, RN, BSN, CLC Marie Bevins, RN, IBCLC Tina Bush and James John Kingman Anna, Chris and Derek Render

Marsha Romero and Adriane Uish Andrea Carstensen and Zachariah Lay

Stacy Miller, RN Andrea Ortiz, RN Linda Doughty, RN Avery, Derek and Nikolas Short Jennifer and Matthew Findlay Sherri and Nolan Roos Tori and Tanner Reif Kaori and Carson Banks Trianna and Samantha Ryan Hunter Tam and Hunter Hang Alecia Chase Sandra Laso Stephanie Laurie and David Haile

Sofia Alemeda Cheryl and Paul Crisman Amy and Elizabeth Jenkins

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St. Elizabeth Medical Center – Edgewood, KY

Special thanks to The Family Birth Place at St. Elizabeth Medical Center in Edgewood, Kentucky for their support in preparing this book. The St. Elizabeth Family Birth Place, named one of the top ten places in America to have a baby by the Fit Pregnancy Magazine, is the 20th hospital in the nation designated as “Baby Friendly” by UNICEF and the number one choice of Northern Kentucky families, delivering over 3,000 babies a year.

St. Rose Dominican Hospitals – Henderson, NV

Special thanks to St. Rose Dominican Hospitals part of Catholic Healthcare West (CHW), which owns and operates non-profit, non-tax supported, and mission driven hospitals and healthcare facilities in California, Arizona and Nevada. Community members have responded to the commitment of promoting wholeness of mind, body and spirit by consistently selecting St. Rose as the top choice in quality and satisfaction.

Page 4 - Stormont-Vail GOM baby friendly ebook

This is a SEO version of Stormont-Vail GOM baby friendly ebook. Click here to view full version

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